Total Donated as of May 2021:
$123,400 to 57 charities!


Four times a year three charities are randomly selected and invited to make 5-minute presentations to the 100 Men group. Members in attendance then vote for their first choice. The charity getting the most votes receives 60% of the total funding and the other two charities receive 20% each. The total amount donated is based on the number of members who pay $100 for that event.  The goal is to have all members, regardless of whether they can attend a particular meeting or not, to still contribute to the total.  Our goal is a minimum of $10,000 at each meeting.

May 2021 Live ZOOM Meeting – Total Donations – $4,300

  • Boys & Girls Club – South Okanagan: $2,580
    The Boys & Girls Club is struggling to provide the same levels of support to clients during COVID, even while demand for services is increasing. Their request for funding was a general appeal to support much needed programs that are stretched due to the funding constraints created by the pandemic. B&G serves hundreds of young people throughout the South Okanagan with this grant being focused on programs in Penticton and Summerland.

  • Summerland Montessori School: $860
    The Summerland Montessori School plans to use their funds to upgrade and expand their computer lab to meet the demands and needs of updated technology and increased attendance at the school.

  • Ooknakane Friendship Centre: $860
    The Ooknakane Friendship Centre’s award will help one of their most vulnerable clients access significant dental care  that will reduce suffering, improve quality of life, and allow them to enjoy more food choices and better nutrition.

January 2021 Live ZOOM Meeting – Total Donations – $5,300

  • Village By the Station (Good Samaritan Society): $3,180
    The Good Samaritan Society operates 29 not-for-profit, faith-based care homes throughout BC and Alberta.  One of the programs offers Dementia Cottages where residents with dementia receive specialized care.  The cottages are secured at all times. As a result of the pandemic, some residents have been unable to leave their building for nearly 11 months. Some residents become fixated on the large “EXIT” sign near doorways and this increases their anxiety during these times of lockdown.  Research has found that providing a distraction can reduce this anxiety.  Village By the Station started a project that paints murals on the doors and doorways and these scenes depict Okanagan scenery. These bright and colourful but simple additions to the decor has greatly reduced the issues and provides a better environment for the residents.

    Village by the Station plans to use the funding to expand this project. Even when the pandemic is over, these new scenes will provide ongoing comfort to the residents

  • Princeton & District Community Services Society: $1,060

    The Society offers many services to the low-income population, seniors, the vulnerable and persons with disabilities in the community, including programs such as transit support, adult day programs, seniors supports, victim services and meal programs.  COVID-19 has impacted the Society’s hot meal program and delivery service, but the Society plans to launch a new meal service and the funding from 100 Men will help jumpstart this new program.

  • BC Epilepsy Society: $1,060

    There are over 50,000 people living with epilepsy in BC and more than 380,000 across Canada. Epilepsy is a condition that affects 1% of our population.  According to the World Heath Organization, “epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder worldwide with no age, racial, social class, national, nor geographic boundaries.”  Yet the BC Epilepsy Society currently receives provincial funding of only $1.10 per person for those with epilepsy and hopes to do so much more in helping those who have the condition and raising awareness. 

    One of the major challenges facing those with epilepsy is public awareness of the condition and the inaccuracies about most of the most common neurological diseases in the world.  The BC Epilepsy Society is focusing on educating and raising awareness through a variety of health promotion activities such as the Epilepsy Expert Webinar series, podcasts such as the Voice EpilepsyTM series, the I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy AwarenessTM campaign, TV and radio appearances, BC Epilepsy Society YouTube channel, in addition to many other initiatives to engage the public and reduce stigma. Since one in ten people will experience a seizure in their lifetime, BC Epilepsy has responded by offering free Seizure First Aid training programs (for the 40 kinds of seizures) to help the public better understand what to do when encountering someone seizuring and how to react and get help.  The Society plans to use the 100 Men donation to help expand its awareness programs.

September 2020 Live ZOOM Meeting – Total Donations – $5,900

  • Critteraid: $3,540

    Critteraid has grown over 30 years from the initial cat sanctuary to include several additional divisions: Dog House Division, Critteraid Farm, Education, and Outreach. Community support is vital to a charity like Critteraid where fundraising is constant in order to provide the necessary means for veterinary costs, operational costs and maintenance costs for all kinds of animals in need, from cats and dogs to horses, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and alpacas.  The organization currently has 70 permanent animal residents and usually has between100-150 animals they tend to on a daily basis.  Animals come to Critteraid for a variety of reasons, whether it be abandoned animals or the need to give up a pet due to death, divorce, job loss or reduced health.

    Funds from this event will be used to help develop a new program for human/animal interaction leading to healing.

  • Osoyoos Museum Society: $1,180
    The Osoyoos Museum has recently occupied a new and more permanent location on the main street of Osoyoos.  The museum provides programs and has exhibits to display the history of this area of the South Okanagan.  The museum will be using the funds to expand exhibits and educational programs, including outreach programs, so visitors and participants can experience the rich history and heritage that has shaped the development and culture of this area.
  • South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society: $1,180

    The South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society (SOSBIS) is a non-profit organization made up of brain injured people, family members, and professionals dedicated to assisting survivors and their families to achieve the greatest level of independence and quality of life.  The Society provides a “wrap-around” approach so everyone involved experiences appropriate supports.  Programs include education for the brain injured and their families, recreational activities, outreach programs, housing and injury prevention education.

    The funds from 100 Men will be used to help cover costs for an instructor for recreation programs and to provide more accessible facilities.

    The Society serves the entire South Okanagan Similkameen Region (Osoyoos, Oliver, Keremeos, Princeton, Okanagan Falls, Penticton & Summerland).


May 2020 ONLINE – Total Donations – $5,800

  • COVID-19 Didn’t Stop Us!

    The Covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary for groups to re-think how they meet.  As a result, the decision was made to cancel the regularly scheduled May meeting and instead members were encouraged to donate to the Community Foundation’s Community Response Fund.  This fund was established to provide support to local charities that are either struggling themselves or supporting prople who are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

    Once again, members of 100 Men stepped up and donated $5,800 to this cause, bringing the total contributions to date to $107,900!

February 2020 at Tug’s Tap House Pub & Eatery – Total Donations – $7,800

  • Okanagan Gleaners: $6,240

    Founded in 1994, Okanagan Gleaners gathers excess locally grown vegetables, apples and pears, dehydrates the donated product and creates a nutritious vegetable soup mix and desserts. Volunteers from the Okanagan Valley as well as from across Canada, the United States and around the world put their hands to work sharing in this abundance. With the assistance of numerous partner charities this food is distributed around the world wherever there are hungry people.  Since 1996 Okanagan Gleaners have supplied over 100 million servings of soup to those in need.

    The donation will be used to help plan and build a state-of-the-art electric powered drive-in cooler to store daily donated product. This new facility will eliminate the current diesel fuel-powered refrigerated highway trailer units used to provide refrigeration, reducing the Gleaners carbon footprint.

  • Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society : $780

    The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – BC Chapter (CPAWS-BC) is a non-profit, grassroots-based conservation organization. CPAWS-BC protects nature in every corner of BC and deep into the ocean.

    The donation will go towards a community engagement program in the South Okanagan aimed at getting locals out on the land and building a better understanding of, and connection with, this unique region. This will include the organization of bio blitz events where locals can come learn about the land and species of the South Okanagan while also collecting valuable data that will help support the survival of our at-risk species.

  • St. John Ambulance: $780

    The funds will support St. John Ambulance’s ongoing project of supplying more Automated External Defibrillation (AED) devices in the Okanagan so volunteer Medical First Responders can provide care in any emergencies at community events throughout the area.  These units can be life-saving.

November 2019 hosted by Okanoggin Barbers – Total Donations – $7,200

  • Penticton & Area Access Society: $5,760

The Penticton & Area Access Society will be expanding its work on a new program for men called RISE. Releasing and Integrating Strong Emotions (RISE) is a program to help men with emotional issues, such as anger management, and other concerns that men may need help to cope.

  • Kaleden Community Association: $720

Kaleden Community Association has a wonderful volunteer spirit for a relatively small community and will use the funds to help with the many projects the volunteers take on each year.

  • Friends of the Penticton Museum & Archives: $720

The Friends of the Penticton Museum & Archives will use the funds to enhance their Hands-on Heritage Lab, an interactive program that allows children to experience a variety of challenges, such as building earthquake safe bridges and other learning exercises.

September 2019 hosted by Slackwater Brewing – Total Donations – $7,100

  • Summerland Food Bank: $5,680

The Food Bank continues to support the many individuals and families in the Summerland area who might need access to good nutritional food.  The funds will be used to purchase quality food to supplement the donations they receive.

  • Vermillion Forks Field Naturalists: $710

The Field Naturalists are involved in several projects, including hummingbird banding, the Cormack Marsh and Swan Lake Nature Reserve.  The group will be investing in improving existing bird blinds and signage for the Swan Lake Nature Reserve and to support their role as host for the BC Nature Conference in 2020.

  • Princeton Search & Rescue: $710

An important part of this volunteer group’s activities is responding quickly to emergencies and these emergencies can be at any time of the day or night and in any kind of weather.  In winter weather the equipment is often iced up while stored outside and precious time is taken to clear them and get underway. The Princeton SAR is working to improve their equipment storage with a heated garage and the funds will be used towards this goal.

May 2019 hosted by Topflight Helicopter Training Centre – Total Donations – $7,400

  • Highway to Healing  $5,920 

The Highway to Healing Support Society (H2H) was formed in 2013 as a community project of the Rotary Club of Oliver, British Columbia. The Society received $5,290 which will help the organization deliver on it’s mission which is “to compassionately assist families in our community who have a child requiring medical care that is not available locally”.  Since the Society’s formation in 2013, $35,000 of financial assistance has been provided to nearly 20 families on over 50 occasions.

  • Canadian Red Cross: $740

The Council received $740 that will support their ongoing education programs and help develop a digital infrastructure to support artists and creative people in the community.

  • Osoyoos & District Arts Council: $740

The $740 received by the Southern Interior Division will help with training volunteers to provide support and relief to those impacted by emergencies and crisis situations across the region.

January 2019 hosted by TIME Winery and Kitchen – Total Donations – $6,700

  • Osoyoos Desert Society: $5,360

The Osoyoos Desert Society received $5,360 to support their ongoing education programs and, in particular, to provide opportunities for children to connect with and learn about nature at the Osoyoos Desert Centre. The 67-acre nature education centre showcases Canada’s antelope-brush ecosystem, one of the four most endangered ecosystems in the country.

  • Okanagan Falls Heritage and Museum Society: $670

Okanagan Falls Heritage and Museum Society received $670, funds that will help promote the rich history of Okanagan Falls and the area.  The Bassett House museum, one of the rare “kit houses” ordered through Eaton’s in the early 20th century and still standing, is the base for the Society and visitors can view the museum and its artifacts at no charge.

  • Princeton Community Arts Council: $670

The Princeton Community Arts Council also received $670.  Princeton Arts Council is a hub for a variety of cultural activities in the town and area ”H”, also the work of the Council includes connecting with the rich arts heritage of the First Nations Upper Similkameen Band. A winter music concert series, local theatre and a traditional music festival are mainstays. Some of the Council’s new initiatives are an Artist in Residence program bringing artists into local schools, and opening a community art gallery.

October 2018 @ Penticton Vees Game hosted by SOEC – $7,700

  • Okanagan Boys & Girls Club: Community Kitchen Program $6,160

Once a month, families learn skills such as: how to shop on a budget, use coupons, read nutritional labels, preparing menus for nutritional meals and cooking skills. The Boys & Girls Clubs provides the food, kitchen and supplies for these families to come in and prepare the meals to take home.

  • South Okanagan Women In Need Society: Sexual Assault Support Services $770

S.A.S.S. is a program to support sexual assault survivors with all necessary community supports at the same entry point. This “wrap around” approach will help mitigate re-victimization and further trauma and provide a streamlined response for sexual assault survivors, increase awareness and education, and remove barriers to reporting.

  • The Penticton Soupeteria Society: Hot Meals Program $770

Many people do not have ready access to hot meals, whether they be homeless, single parents with children, lonely senior citizens and others.  The Soupateria offers a hot meal once a day and an opportunity to meet others and socialize.  The average cost of a meal is $2.05 and the Soupateria serves over 45,000 nutritious meals each year.

June 2018 @ Bar One – $7,000

  • First Baptist Church: International Youth Project $5,600

Each year youth from Penticton and the area travel to Mexico to assist with building projects and to gain insight into how agricultural workers live in the area.  This project provides our local youth with an international experience to expand their awareness of the world they live in.

  • Okanagan Indian Educational Resources Society: ECOmmunity Place $700

The En’owkin Centre and ECOmmunity Place in Penticton are helping to preserve and protect the Indigenous plants, wildlife, culture and spirituality found on the land. It brings together lands & learning, conservation & culture on a 100- hectare site located on the West side of the Okanagan River Floodplain. Guided interpretive programs provide schools with the educational programs that incorporate curriculum projects that use studies, cultural arts, story telling and Indigenous drama, thus raising awareness around environmental values and the Syilx culture.

  • Okanagan School of the Arts at the Shatford Centre: $700

The organization is currently developing a new strategic plan to develop a social enterprise that will make the organization self-sufficient and enhance services and programs. The funding will assist with that goal.

April 2018 @ Tug’s Tap House Pub & Eatery – $8,200

  • Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness (H.E.C.K.): Emergency Dental Treatment $6,560

H.E.C.K. provides quality “not for profit” dental care for marginalized individuals, low income families, fixed income seniors, those on Ministry Assistance, including the homeless and working poor who reside within the South Okanagan.

The Clinic will provide pro-rated, affordable dental care to individuals experiencing dental pain and/or infection to those who cannot afford treatment in a private clinic.

  • Habitat for Humanity South Okanagan: ReStore $820

Habitat for Humanity recently opened its Penticton ReStore which takes in donations of building materials, tools, furniture and other household goods for resale with profits going toward Habitat’s building program. Habitat for Humanity brings communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership.

The new ReStore receives truckloads of donations and many are large and heavy and on pallets. Unloading and moving this material can be dangerous to staff and volunteers.  The ReStore will use the funds towards acquiring a forklift that will help provide a safer and more efficient work environment.

  • St. Ann’s Parish: Emergency Food Hamper Program $820

Many individuals and families need assistance with the basics, one of those basics being adequate and healthy food.  St. Ann’s Parish provides a variety of services and one is emergency support, whether for medications, rent, utilities or food.  The funds donated by 100 Men will help to provide emergency food hampers.

January 2018 @ Bogner’s of Penticton – $7,600

  • South Okanagan Raptor Rehab Centre (SORCO): Raptor Treatment and Rehabilitaton $6,080

SORCO takes sick and injured birds of prey such as ospreys, falcons, eagles, hawks, owls and provides medical treatment and rehabilitation with the goal of releasing the birds back into the area where they are found.  The funds will be used to provide food, medical treatment, public education and other supports to help these birds get back into their natural environment.

  •  AlleyCATS Alliance: Catch, Neuter and Release of Feral Cats $760

AlleyCATS Alliance captures, neuters and then releases feral and abandoned cats living across the region as well as providing rescue, rehabilitation, medical care and adoption for cats and kittens.  Through neutering, the feral cat population is controlled but the cats can continue to live.  Funds from 100 Men will go towards veterinary costs and other direct support for the animals.

  •  United Way of Central & South Okanagan: Child Protection Initiative Car Seats $760

The United Way will use the funds to support their Child Safety Initiative, a program that provides new car seats to families in financial need. The car seats are distributed to families in 8 communities throughout the Okanagan/Similkameen Valley thanks to a network of community partners who provide social services.

October 2017 @ Match Bistro – $7,100

  • Penticton Rotary/Boys & Girls Club: Starfish Program providing weekend food for kids in need $5,680

The Rotary Club provides backpacks full of nutritional food to kids to take home on weekends to make sure they and their families have sufficient nutritional food.  The 100 Men donation will enable the Club to provide another ten backpacks for the year.

  • South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation: Equipment for the new hospital tower $710

The Foundation is committed to raising $20 million for equipment for the new Patient Care Tower currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2019.  With approximately $5 million to go to meet the goal, the 100 Men donation adds yet another contribution.

  • Osoyoos Desert Society: Upgrades to boardwalk and other equipment at the Desert Society $710

The South Okanagan is part of Canada’s only true desert, a continuation of the desert environment that extends southward throughout the United States.  As such, our area is home to many unique and endangered desert species and the Society supports education programs, habitat preservation and maintenance of visitor infrastructure.

June 2017 @ Penticton Firehall – $6,100

  • Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance: Support for ECOstudies educational programs $4,880

OSCA is a registered that provides a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to connect with nature, inspiring them to learn about, care about, and to protect our unique and natural environment, now and for the future. Their work includes the Meadowlark Nature Festival held annually over the May long weekend; ECOstudies environmental education programs for schools and home-learners; Habitat Management seminars for agriculture, industry and community groups; and Spotlight on Species events to raise awareness about species at risk in our region.

  • Penticton Academy of Music: Bursaries for musical training for immigrant families $610

The Penticton Academy of Music Society is a charitable non-profit organization that was formed in 1994 with the mission “to provide music education to students of all ages and circumstances through outstanding faculty in an environment that stimulates music excellence, enriching the community at large.”

  • Summerland Community Arts Council: Support for annual art banners program in Summerland $610

The Summerland Community Arts Council (SCAC) is a board of Summerland residents who meet monthly to carry out the mandate of the SCAC. We are a registered charitable not-for-profit organization. The mission statement of the Summerland Community Arts Council is to promote and facilitate the awareness and appreciation of the arts in the Summerland area through education, action and advocacy.

April 2017 @ SS Sicamous Museum – $6,400

  • Discovery House: Financial support for programs and accommodations $5,120

Discovery House is a long term, live-in, men’s recovery home offering a home for men suffering from drug & alcohol addiction. Clients are provided with recovery programming to help them learn how to stop using drugs & alcohol by addressing the underlying issues that drive their addiction. In addition, clients learn tangible life skills training and are encouraged to explore their spirituality while in residence, while connecting to healthy recovery and community support system through service in the community. The funding from 100 Men will be used to expand the number of beds so more clients can benefit from the programs.

  • Penticton High School Scholarships: Funds for scholarships $640

The Pen-Hi scholarship fund has been in operation since 1985 and this past year the program disbursed over 200 awards to support students. The contribution from 100 Men will help even more students achieve their goal of continuing into post-secondary studies.

  • Neil Squire Society: Additional programs for the Footprints to Technology $640

The Neil Squire Society supports adults with disabilities to gain life and employability skills, or as their mission states:
“We use technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with disabilities.”
The Neil Squire Society has partnered with the Penticton Indian Band’s Footprints to Technology program which is designed for aboriginal persons living with a disability to have technology training that is specifically designed to address their specific disability needs and to gain the necessary life skills to create change.

January 2017 @ Penticton Senior’s Drop-in Centre – $6,200

  • Special Olympics BC – Penticton: Support for Special Olympics Athletes Provincial Games $4,960

The funding from 100 Men will be used to help with the registration fees for athletes and coaches going to the Provincial Games and also for extra training for the athletes.

“Our warmest thanks from all the athletes and coaches in our four communities to the 100 Men Who Care. It is an amazing contribution to our sport community and making this Provincial Games experience happen for these athletes.”

  • Penticton Branch of the Okanagan Historical Society:  Capturing Seniors’ Stories and History  $620

The funding from 100 Men is being used to further the development of the Creative for Life project through the Shatford Centre. The current program has three projects underway:  Writing Recollections with Leslie Buxton; History Connects with various speakers; and Creative Living with one of our 100 Men members Milton Orris.

  • Okanagan Similkameen Healthy Living Coalition: Series of videos supporting healthy lifestyles   $620

September 2016 @ HNZ Topflight Helicopter Training Centre – $5,900

  • Penticton & District Hospice Society: Grief and Bereavement Counseling for Children and Youth $4,720

With the funding the Hospice Society now runs two children’s grief support groups each month, one for K-Grade 3 and one for Grade 4-8. To quote one of the counselors:

“As a non-profit organization we do our best to make every dollar count. It has meant a lot to me personally to know there are 100 Men Who Care about the Child and Youth program and chose our organization to patron this last year.  It truly makes a difference in the lives of children and families who have experienced tremendous loss.”

  • Canadian Cancer Society: Southern Interior Rotary Lodge  $590

When people have to travel and stay for cancer treatment, it can be expensive and very disruptive. The funding from 100 Men is used to support families and patients who need to stay away from home for extended periods of time. In the 2015/16 year, citizens in the area from  Osoyoos to Summerland stayed 989 nights as a result of the support of the Travel Treatment Fund.

  • Oliver/Osoyoos Search & Rescue: Education and Equipment   $590

The funding was used to help outfit their new response vehicle with the necessary equipment and the team shared the following with us:

“Without the support of organizations like the 100 Men who Care-Penticton, we would be having to do fundraisers like hot dog sales and pub nights to raise funds for much needed equipment. Not having to do those types of fundraisers makes life easier for our members as we have families, jobs, and training already as time commitments.  Oliver and Osoyoos Search and Rescue thanks you for this donation.”

Inaugural Meeting: June 2016 @ The Cannery Brewing Company – $3,700

  • Saviour’s Anglican Church:  Community Meal Project  $2,960

The Church saw a need to bring together families who might be struggling. The Community Meals program is operating and between 18 and 35 people attend every second Tuesday. The event enables families to make connections for parents and for their children. The program offers crafts for the children and the event has been able to help develop a real sense of community and mutual support among the families.

  • Learning for Little People Preschool: Greenhouse Project  $370

The Preschool has a small garden and they are expanding this with the addition of a greenhouse so the children have a new experience.

  • Similkameen Trails Society: Trail upgrade and expansion  $370

In November, work was completed on reclaiming a 2 km section of old rail bed that had overgrown. Adding this section expanded part of the trail between Keremeos and Cawsten and the work was funded by the Community Foundation and the 100 Men Who Care.