Frequently Asked Questions

Q? How can I get started?
It’s really easy!  Just click here to pay your initial commitment fee through the donation page on the Community Foundation website.  If you also make your quarterly payments up front you’ll get an official 100 Men Penticton name tag.

Q? Can a charity nominate itself?
No, charities will be randomly selected from a list of all South Okanagan charities. Our members are not just interested in nominating and donating – they want to learn about local causes. Members may want to volunteer, sponsor or serve on a board or committee. They may even become a regular donor or benefactor. Our members and supporters will find out about your charity in our social media discussions and posts. So we invite eligible charities to visit our website and Like us on Facebook. Even if you’re not selected in the immediate future it’s still worth getting yourself known to our members.

Q? How are the three presenting charities chosen?
We randomly select three eligible charities from our complete list of all registered charities in the South Okanagan.  The selected charities will be notified approximately two weeks before a quarterly meeting. The three organizations are invited to give a short five-minute presentation at the meeting. If a charity declines, or is unable to present, another charity is randomly chosen. The identity of the three presenting charities is not revealed until the meeting is underway.

Q? How do I nominate a charity?
Charities are not nominated for consideration.  We use our complete list of all registered charities in our region and make random selections from that list.

Q? How much of my donation goes to the administration costs of 100 Men Who Care – Penticton?
Credit card transaction fees will be paid out of the total amount donated.  In addition, the Community Foundation will charge 2% per annum to cover the costs of issuing tax receipts to donors, cheques to charities, and otherwise managing the assets of 100 Men Who Care – Penticton.

You can keep costs low by paying for the entire year with a cheque.  That will save 2.8% on credit card transaction fees!

The Community Foundation looks after deposits and charitable tax receipts.  The Foundation sends one cheque for 80% of total net donations to the winning charity.  The two other charities will each receive 10% of the total net donations.

Q? What do you do with my personal information?
100 Men Who Care -Penticton collects your personal information (including name, email address, phone number) strictly for the purpose of keeping in contact with our members.  The Community Foundation also maintains your information in its database in order to record your donations and issue your tax receipts.

100 Men Who Care – Penticton will not sell, give or otherwise share your personal information with any third party without your express consent, unless required to do so by law. We may occasionally recognize our members via social media and other media outlets. If a member wants to remain anonymous they must let us know at the time of joining.

We will never rent out, sell or give away your personal information. Ever.

Q? How does 100 Men Who Care – Penticton communicate with its members?
The website will have the most up to date info at all times. We also update Facebook. Members are emailed from info@100menpenticton.com. Please add this to your address book. If you change your email address, please let us know. Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time, please send an e-mail to the above address indicating your withdrawal.

Q? Can I bring a friend to a quarterly meeting?
Yes, feel free to introduce your friends to the meetings.  They will be encouraged to join as a member and pay the $100 for that quarterly meeting.  However, if they are truly “kicking tires” then we allow men to attend one meeting without donating.  But you can’t vote if you don’t donate!

Q? How do I become a member?
If you would like to become a member please click on “Join” above and complete the Membership & Commitment Form.

Q? How long do the meetings last?
Meetings will take no more than one hour. We aim to start at 5:30pm and should be all done by 6:30pm. There are opportunities to socialize both before and after the formal part of each one-hour meeting.

Q? I’m a new member: what should I expect at a meeting?
A brisk pace.  We will register, present the charity options, and vote in one hour.  There will be lots of time for mingling and networking, if you choose, after the event.

5:00 Doors open

5:30 Program begins

5:45 Presentations from charities

6:15 Voting is completed

6:30 Winners announced and program closes

Q? What if I cannot attend a meeting?
If a member cannot attend a quarterly event, he should honour his commitment by donating online here.

Q? Can I just give you four post-dated $100 cheques?
Sure!  But we still want to see you at our meetings. Part of our goal is to increase awareness of the different charities doing good work in our communities.  Come and meet them… Get to know them.

Q? Can I just send the donation to the charity myself?
You can always donate more to a charity separately on your own, but for the purposes of 100 Men Who Care, we make one big donation as a group. To make a big impact we want to give $10,000+ dollars.

Q? Is membership limited to 100 men?
Not at all.  If we can make a BIG impact with 100 men, why not invite a friend and make an even BIGGER impact?